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BUSINESS ENGLISH: Communication for Professionals

As the international language and an official language in 53 countries, English proficiency is a vital skill for the international entrepreneur or aspiring executive. Business courses at the Center for Modern Languages develop the vocabulary and speaking skills required by a competitive and global market. In these courses students will gain confidence and fluency to ensure success in a business environment.

Global Communication Skills for a Global Market

Business Communication 1-3 (108 hours)

An intermediate level course in business communication.

ACTFL Novice High-Intermediate Mid

Business Communication 4-6 (108 hours)

An advanced level course in business communication.

ACTFL Intermediate Mid-Advanced High


Business English-Finance (108 hours)
A business course focusing on vocabulary related to finance and the economy

ACTFL Intermediate Mid-Advanced High



Business English- Marketing (108 hours)

A business course focusing on the vocabulary needed in the field of advertising and marketing.
ACTFL Intermediate Low-Advanced High




Business English- Correspondence (108 hours)

A business course covering the fundamentals of letter writing, emailing, texting and professional phone calls.

ACTFL Novice Mid-Intermediate Low









Winter 2017      02 Jan -  24 Mars 2017
Spring 2017      03 Avr - 23 Juin 2017

Summer 2017   03 Jui  - 22 Sep 2017

Fall 2017             02 Oct - 22 Dec 2017




Winter 2017      02 Jan -  24 Mars 2017
Spring 2017      03 Avr - 23 Juin 2017

Summer 2017   10 Jui  - 22 Sep 2017

Fall 2017             02 Oct - 22 Dec 2017



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