What is Project Based Learning ?




Project-based learning is a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. Students spend 4-12 weeks working on an in-depth project, in English, to answer a question or explore an issue. At the end of the session, they present their work to an audience. Their teachers, all native English speakers, follow their progress closely and assist them as they work on their projects.





Our English program for youth primarily emphasizes language skills in verbal communication. Young learners are exposed to a fully English speaking environment, where they are given tasks in English and asked to use their vocabulary to produce new language. We focus on fluency and we measure success based on the child’s increased confidence using English to communicate throughout the course.



Our English courses are student centered and student driven. We ask our students to solve problems and we offer an environment where creativity and independent thought can flourish and thrive. We engage students in projects that are connected to their interests and their values. With this approach we find our students always engaged and the young learners are able to feel a sense of ownership for their work and their ideas.



An important life skill, the art of collaboration and working as a group toward a common goal, is essential to success in the 21st Century. When our students work in groups on their English projects, we help them to develop essential skills in collaboration, specifically; negotiation, brain storming, sharing, and compromise.



The final goal of our English courses for youth is to develop presentational skills. At the end of each project, students are asked to present their work before an audience. By developing a presentation, students learn to narrate their own ideas and strategies. They develop confidence speaking publically and specifically speaking in English. The final presentation is a high-value indicator of student progress and achievement. It is a far superior measure of success than a standardized written test.

ENGLISH FOR KIDS: Project Based Learning (PBL)

Le programme pour jeunes PBL (L'Apprentissage par Problèmes APP), est idéal pour les jeunes apprenants qui ont envie d’améliorer leurs compétences linguistiques en langue Anglaise tout en profitant d’un programme d’activités riche et varié. Nos cours sont axés sur la créativité, la fluidité, la confiance, les competence de travail collectif et de leadership et l'élaboration de presentations finales. Au Center for Modern Languages, vos enfants profiteront d’une expérience unique!

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