SPECIALIZED ENGLISH: English for Specific Purposes

As students advance in their English fluency, their needs evolve. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classes are designed to meet the needs of these advanced learners. With ESP courses, students can choose an area of specialization specific to their language goals. ESP courses are geared towards language mastery and maintenance. The courses are ideal for Intermediate-High through Advanced learners.


University Preparation 1-3 (108 hours)

This course emphasizes the reading and writing skills necessary to succeed in a University level English course. Students will be exposed to important works of contemporary and classical English literature. They will also learn to write a three point thesis and other important essay writing skills. This is course is invaluable to students planning to study abroad in an English speaking country..

ACTFL Intermediate High-Advanced High

Business Courses 

These courses develop the vocabulary and speaking skills required by a competitive and global market. As the international language and an official language in 53 countries, English proficiency is a vital skill for the international entrepreneur or aspiring executive. In this course students will gain confidence and fluency to ensure success in a business environment..

ACTFL Intermediate Low-Advanced High


Media English
A course specializing in understanding and interpreting current events in the English speaking. Ideal for journalists and professionals in the area of public relations, this course will help develop public speaking skills and concise effective writing.

ACTFL Intermediate Mid-Advanced High



Popular Communication

This course empowers students to understand and speak fluently using the mediums of popular books and multimedia. Students will discuss their favorite English shows, movies, and stories in a fun and communicative environment. This course is ideal for students who wish to increase everyday fluency for immediate use in travel and casual communication.
ACTFL Intermediate Low-Advanced High


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